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In the petition, "Please stop slaughtering dogs with a hammer."Thai News Turns Out

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The Cheong Wa Dae's petition serves as a channel of communication to arouse public opinion.

However, like a petition for assaulting a dog with a hammer, it is fake news and an unconfirmed claim.

Sometimes witch-hunt pleases are rife, causing conflict.

Cheong Wa Dae recently launched a survey to improve the bulletin board.

I'm reporter Kim Min Chan.

◀ Report ▶

A message posted on the Cheong Wa Dae's public petition message board in November last year.

"Stop the slaughter," attached a picture of the dog shedding blood and breastfeeding.

The person who posted the message was a witness of an animal rights activist who said, "The horse struck a dog's head with a hammer on the dog's farm in Gunpo, and the dog that hurt the head died breast-feeding its baby."

In less than a month, 200,000 people agreed to the petition.

Eventually, the animal rights group held a press conference and called for "Cheong Wa Dae to come forward quickly."

So, is this article true?

October 2016 in Thailand.

Here's a story about a dog that sheds blood on its head that feeds its baby.

[Taiwan Broadcasting (2016)]
"My mother's eyes are bulging out in a car accident and sick, but she is breastfeeding her dog."

In other words, a dog in a car accident in Thailand turned into a dog that was killed by a hammer in Korea.

The farmhouse, which belatedly learned of the fake news, is preparing a complaint from the prosecution.

[Ju Young-bong, Secretary-General of the Association of the Fellowship]
"If you eat dog meat, you're a bad guy, you're a barbarian. It is not based on facts, but the whole lie is framed and upside down."

This is not all.

The article reads, "Please block the aluminum factory in China."

"Chinese companies are not building aluminum factories in their countries due to environmental regulations and are planning to build them in Gwangyang, South Jeolla Province," the source said. "We are worried that fine dust will keep us from breathing."

Some even claimed that the Chinese factory would be covered with fine dust when it comes in,배팅사이트 but it's not true.

Not only is the factory not coming to Korea due to Chinese government regulations, but also because the plant is only processed, not aluminum smelting, it has been confirmed that it produces very little dust.

[Jeong Dong-jae/Sub-Research Committee of the Korea Institute of Public Administration]
"There are no restrictions on what you can and cannot write on the bulletin board. In fact, almost all the posts are posted on the Cheong Wa Dae bulletin board."

About 380,000 petitions have been filed so far.

Among them, more than 70,000 postings were deleted by Cheong Wa Dae due to fake news or defamation.

I'm Kim Min Chan from MBC News.

Reporter Kim Min-chan

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