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The Second Cabinet to Be Careful...After the Lunar New Year holiday

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Regarding the possibility of a cabinet reshuffle that was recently announced, Cheong Wa Dae said, "It is impossible because there is not much physical time." 

"In order for the Cabinet to be reshuffled before the Lunar New Year's Day, all influential candidates have to come out to the press," a senior presidential official told reporters on Thursday. "The media should be able to fill out the entire hippopotamus in the verification process, but there are only 15 days left before the Lunar New Year holidays." 

Considering the personnel screening process for candidates, he made it clear that the reshuffle before the Lunar New Year holidays is not 

Lee Hae-chan, chairman of the main opposition Minjoo Party, also said in a press conference held after the New Year's press conference that it would take time for the ministers to go through a hearing, and that it would take some time to verify it. It`s not good to be empty during the Lunar New Year holidays, either. 

In particular, the first year the Moon Jae-in, the government took last early 2017, clashing harshly with opposition parties over cabinet appointments and quite a rough time, it takes up to up to six months. 

Moon Jae-in, the president took office in May, but during early cabinet appointments is on the venture as chancellor gieoppu hongjonghak deobul the fishermen a week until the final in November when he was appointed.And stopped them. 

Accordingly, the delay in the formation of the second Cabinet after the Lunar New Year holiday this year is interpreted as a consideration to minimize the controversy over the insolvency of the independent counsel`s. 

Instead, Cheong Wa Dae plans to complete the second round of Cheong Wa Dae staff formation by filling in its current vacant posts as presidential secretary. 

A high-ranking official of the presidential office said, "Currently, science and technology advisor, employment and labor secretary, and medical protocol secretary are vacant," hinting at additional appointments as soon as possible. 

Another reason why Cheong Wa Dae has taken a cautious stance on the formation of the second Cabinet is that with the recent reshuffle of the presidential secretariat led by President Roh Young-min, the opposition parties are also feeling burdened by the replacement of the main opposition Minjoo Party's Cabinet members, which is aimed at next year's general elections. 메이저사이트추천
The first Cabinet ministers to be named replacement include Kim Bu-gyeom, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Do Jong-hwan, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Kim Hyun-mi, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Kim Young-chun, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Hong Jong-hak, the Ministry of Small and Medium Business, and Yoo Young-min, the minister of Science and Technology and Technology and Information and Communication. 

Except for Yoo Young-min, who was not a member of the National Assembly, and Hong Jong-hak, who was a first-term lawmaker, all of them are considered senior members of the party's second and third-term. 

As the party is expected to join the "war battle" with opposition candidates in next year's general elections, it is inevitable that the opposition party will receive a rare look, along with former chief of staff Lim Jong-seok, former presidential secretary for political affairs Han Byeong-do, former senior presidential secretary for public communications Yoon Young-chan, and former chief of Chun Chuk-ki. 

"Most of our ministers seem to have the intention of running in the election," Lee said. "It will be impossible to move at once, and those who go in first will come out first, and those who will go in later." 

"If we go in (the cabinet) this time, we will not be able to make it to the next general election, so we will likely have non-politicians," Lee said. In other words, it is unlikely that lawmakers will be elected in the April general elections next year.

Cheong Wa Dae's internal judgment that the opposition party does not need to be swayed by the opposition party's reform of the "real-time" point for next year's general elections also seems to have an impact on the timing of the second-term cabinet reshuffle. 

"It is true that some of the confirmation hearings on the candidates for the next minister have begun," a Cheong Wa Dae official said. "However, verification is not underway with the aim of a certain period of time."

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